Putting on that swimsuit pose for the Pats



Connecticut’s Jonet Nichelle is a freshman cheerleader for the New England Patriots’ in the NFL this season. And as a newbie, she had a chance to experience an annual tradition for the squad—traveling to an exotic location to shoot the next year’s swimsuit calendar.

CTFashionMag.com caught up with Jonet, who was a top 5 finalist at Miss Connecticut this year and competed at this year’s Miss Connecticut USA earlier this year before joining the Pats organization. We spoke about her experiences with the fashionable endeavor of shooting a swimsuit calendar that put her modeling muscles to work.

CTFashionMag: Where did you go this year for the calendar? How did the veteran cheerleaders helped prep you for the experience?

Jonet: This year, we went to St Maarten. My roommate for the trip was my captain, which was extremely helpful. Before the trip, of course, I had so many questions and having someone who’s experienced the trip before makes everything such a breeze.

CTFashionMag: What did you like about the opportunity to be photographed for a calendar that thousands of fans would see?

Jonet: Being photographed in a swimsuit, of course, can be a very nerve wracking experience. But I can honestly say I’ve never felt more confident than that moment.

CTFashionMag: Have  you ever been in a photo shoot like this one before? If so, how do you think this experience will compare?

Jonet: This was my first swimsuit photo shoot. I honestly practiced my poses in the mirror for weeks, which I think was the best thing I could have done. Our glam squad, photographer and his crew, and my coach were so positive and encouraging throughout the shoot it was amazing and completed exceeded all my dreams.

CTfashionMag: How did it feel about the chance to shoot in an exotic location?

Jonet: It was my first time in St Maarten and while the island is still recovering from the hurricane, it was still absolutely beautiful. My photo shoot especially was really cool. I felt like I was in a secret location, but it definitely captured the beauty of the island.

CTFashionMag: How do you think it will feel when you go to an appearance, and someone asks you to autograph your page of the 2019 calendar?

Jonet: I can’t even imagine what it will be like because I’m still on cloud nine when fans ask me to sign our poster. The Patriots fans are honestly the best and I cannot wait until our swimsuit release.

CTFashionMag: Beyond the photographs, what did you like about this experience?

Jonet: During our trip, we had several promotional appearances but going to the orphanage was certainly something that will stay with me forever. I went to school for human services and mentored children who were in foster care. It was always a difficult thing to see children in such unfortunate circumstances. But it is always such a rewarding feeling when you’re able to help or even make an impact on their lives.

CTFashionMag: Most people will get to see you in the traditional red, white, and blue uniform of the Pats’ cheerleaders for the 2018 season. But beyond that, how would you describe your personal fashion style and why is that your preference?

Jonet: As a personal trainer my personal fashion sense is very active but of course every girl needs a good pair of heels.

Jonet Nichelle in her swimsuit during the lifestyle and fitness phase of competition at the Miss Connecticut pageant this past June (MIKE CHAIKEN PHOTO)