Stashing the sash fashion: Petite Miss Mum Camryn Patton


When you see them compete for a crown, evening gowns, cocktail dresses, business attire, and athleisure wear are the uniforms of necessity. But what do titleholders wear when the sash and crown are stashed away.

Meet Bristol, Conn.’s Petite Miss Mum Camryn Patton.

When Camryn goes out for a dressy occasion, she said, “I usually wear rompers, jumpsuits, and sweaters—and usually sandals—in the summer and spring time. If it were winter, I would usually wear a plain long-sleeve shirt, a vest, and some leggings with boots.”

When Camryn wants to be casual, she said, “It’s kind of the same. I like to dress up. I like to present myself well at school. I would have to say I would dress the same (as if I were going out for a dressy occasion).”

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