A change in leadership at Hartford Fashion Week

Hartford Fashion Week announced some changes at the top as its founder furthers her eduction.

The organization, in a press release, announced that executive director Katrina Orsini will be temporarily stepping down from her role with the local fashion showcase. Orsini, for now, will be going after her master’s degree at Parsons School of Design. The change is effective September 2018, said the press release.

Hartford Fashion Weeks Board of Directors will take over the event. The board is led by Richard Hollant and Zoë Chatfield (both of Co:Lab) with the support of Brennden Colbert (The Colbert Foundation), Cynthia Bulaong (Artists in Real Time), Jeff Devereux (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner), Jessie-Mar Ewart (The Chat It Up Show), and Matt Seremet (ArtSho.ws) round out the board.

The release said Orsini founded Hartford Fashion Week in October 2014 and “has played a critical role in unifying and supporting the fashion and textile community in the Greater Hartford Area. Her leadership has been instrumental in producing and organizing Hartford’s leading fashion platform.”

The release noted: “Hartford Fashion Week occupies a unique position within Hartford’s fashion and textile arts. The platform presents, supports, and encourages contemporary designers of all genres as well as elevates the conversation around contemporary design in the community via entertaining and educational events.”

A model at the 2018 Hartford Fashion Week.