Talent costumes shine with star power



Although the evening gown at Miss America traditionally gets a lot of fashion attention– with talent now garnering 50 percent of the contestants final score, how the contestants package that talent is just as important.

Face it, if you’re singing or dancing or playing a musical instrument or working on a monologue behind the closed doors of a studio, you don’t need to wear anything than a clean t-shirt and leggings. After all, who do you need to impress? The four walls or a mirror?

But step out on to the stage, under the spotlight, your physical presence has to grab the attention of the thousands of people in the audience… and the handful of people who are your judges.

At the second night of preliminary competition at Miss America inside Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City on Sept. 6, this is what the contestants– including Miss Connecticut Bridget Oei– wore as they hit the national stage to demonstrate their artistic skills.