Cotton candy fashion from Love Baby J


When Love Baby J presented its fashions for kids, tweens, and teens at Style Fashion Week on Saturday, Sept. 8 at the Manhattan Center during New York Fashion Week, thoughts of artist Will Cotton arose.

Or more accurately, thoughts of Katy Perry in her video for “California Gurls” arose

The styles from Love Baby J that walked down the runway made me think of cotton candy, sweets, and fairy tale princesses. And those elements were key to Perry’s video for her catchy hit with Snoop Dogg. Of course, Love Baby J, with its young models, offered up a more innocent approach to cotton candy than Perry (or Snoop) could manage.

Now, what does this have to do with Will Cotton? Cotton was the artist whose work served as the basis for Perry’s video and for whom Perry serves as a music. Cotton’s work often depicts landscapes of sweets or fashions with a sugary inspiration. Love Baby J’s fashions would be right at home at Cotton’s calorie filled fantasies.

As a tail end to the Love Baby J show, BBTC (Bound by the Crown) Couture offered up a line of swimsuits with slightly snarky comments emblazoned across the chest that were perfect for pool parties catered with Chex Mix and Diet Coke… with a little bit of sushi tossed in for good measure.