Go natural with OZNaturals’ latest body moisturizer



OZNaturals is what its name implies.

An all natural skin care product that uses primarily natural ingredients. There is  no need to worry about chemicals with names you can’t pronounce being absorbed into your body’s largest organ.

In keeping with the all natural theme, OZNatural also describes itself as cruelty free and socially conscious. They seek out alternative processes to test their products rather than using laboratory animals.

Model Ava King is holding a bottle of their Olive and Jojouba Nourishing Souffle body moisturizer, the brand’s newest product. On OZNatural’s website (www.oznaturals.com), the company explains this product is made with a “plethora of antioxidant ingredients, including green tea, olive oil, shea butter and aloe vera.”

With these natural products, explains OZNaturals, the body moisture can “drench the skin with moisture without the use of lanolin, mineral oil or parabens.”

Furthermore, OZNaturals explains, “These antioxidants provide protection from damage caused by free radicals and give the skin on your body the same beneficial effects as top facial products. Luxurious hydration is provided by olive oil and jojoba oil which supports the barrier function of dry skin. Pro-Vitamin B5, also known as D-Panthenol, functions as a humectant, attracting moisture into the top layers of the skin. Our Body Soufflé can even be used on the face and neck for very dry skin types.”

Press materials from OZNaturals explains, that the Olive and Jojouba Nourishing Souffle body moisturizer:

Besides healing dry skin and rough spots, it is also an excellent massage cream.

Adds a silky softness and imparts a healthy glow to the skin.

Includes Jojoba Oil, a pure plant extract that moisturizes and enhances the skin’s restorative ability

OZNaturals also offers products such as facial moisturizers, facial cleansers, masks, eye treatments, and sunscreens.

If you’re seeking guidance on what products are best for your skin type, OZNatural’s website also offers plenty of helpful advice.