She ‘Dazzles’ the judges, now she gets to dazzle Jovani


There’s a new Dazzle Girl in town.

At the second ever Dazzle Girl competition at Oxford, Conn.’s Dazzle Boutique, Cynthia Calderon won the top prize.

Fourteen women competed for the honor of Dazzle Girl. Each contestant modeled two dresses apiece before judges to see who fit the bill as the winner.

As the winner, Calderon will now model for Jovani in the dress designer’s New York City showroom. She also received a $500 gift certificate from Dazzle Boutique and will be able to model for Dazzle Boutique in their social media promotions. The remaining 13 finalists received $100 gift certificates from Dazzle.

After winning the honor, Calderon said, “I’m really excited about this new experience…I’m looking forward to modeling the dresses, representing Jovani and Dazzle Boutique.”

Calderon said she likes Jovani dresses because she feels beautiful in them and they showcase her personality well.

“I love the sparkle,” said Calderon of the pink Jovani dress she wore. “I love how it makes me feel confident. It just makes me feel I can conquer the world.”

“I’m lucky to be chosen,” said Calderon.

As far as being a fashion model, Calderon said, “I like how I can get on stage and show my personality through the clothes.” She also likes the ability to take an outfit that looks nice on a hangar and bringing it to life when you model it.

The Dazzle Girl event also served as a fundraiser for Seymour Pink in its fight against breast cancer.

In addition to Calderon, contestants on Sunday, Oct. 21 were Olivia Kick, Lauren Molella, Carly Cook, Gia Iwanec, Taylor Gallagher, Ava Onofreo, Caitlin Marvin, Autumn Schless, Rachel Stackpole, Kaitlin Moreno, Olivia Burt, McKayla Morrison, and Lauren Plank.

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