Strength through jewelry: CCXX Designs comes to Greenwich


Buckle up and demonstrate your power.

CCXX Designs will be setting up a trunk show on Nov. 14 in Greenwich to present its line of bejeweled belt buckles.

Within the brand’s website, CCXX designer Karen Stefani says the pieces reflect and pay tribute to the strength of women.

“Women have endless natural qualities that deserve recognition,” said Stefani via email. “The first signature collection, the Goddess collection, is designed to celebrate strong women. Each buckle is named to honor a Roman goddess who symbolizes the strength and power of a woman. Some names include Protection, Love, Wisdom, Moon, and even Earth. “

Why buckles? “Buckles have a rich history as emblems for the wise, the strong, and the noble,” said Stefani. “Buckles are symbols of virtue and character, yet they’re extremely telling of personal style. I want to honor women’s grandness with one-of-a-kind, exquisite jewelry belt buckles.”

Asked how she demonstrates the strength of women in her designs, Stefani explained, “Jewelry has the ability to give you the confidence and radiance that comes from wearing something truly beautiful.”

“Certain things make you feel just as beautiful and secure on the inside as you look on the outside,” said Stefani. “These buckles are significant, made of 18k white gold, diamonds, and fine gemstones. Some of the designs are more feminine than others, but each piece is a statement piece. It is the woman herself who gives personality to the buckle.”

The CCXX woman, said Stefani is “elegant, confident, and knows who she is without question. She sees fine jewelry and accessories as investments that are exceptionally unique and timeless.”

Although jewelry can come in many forms, Stefani explained, “I have always had a passion for belt buckles. We grace so many areas of our bodies with stunning fine jewelry. It’s no wonder that the belt buckle, being at the center of the body, would be so special.”

“I believe in bringing back the glamour, the elegance, and the appreciation of the belt buckle as a unique piece of fine jewelry,” said Stefani.

With jewelry, the raw materials are key. And Stefani said this particularly true with her pieces.

“The quality of the materials used to create these buckles is of the utmost importance,” said Stefani. “The diamonds come from a site source in Belgium. Upon seeing the buckles for the first time, most customers comment on the outstanding craftsmanship and sparkle of the diamonds. The buckles are meticulously handcrafted in the USA, using the finest gems and precious metals, which is very important to me.”

Given the sense of strength and the luxury of fine materials, Stefani said CCXX buckles are the perfect holiday gift.

“The buckles are enduring and cherished pieces that could become heirlooms,” said the designer. “At the same time, the buckles are jewelry that can be worn daily and enjoyed. The CCXX buckles can be fashioned casually or formally, so they are an investment that can bring great pleasure for years to come.”

Karen Stefani will bring her CCXX Designs buckles to the Michelle Farmer Collaborate, 45 E Putnam Ave, Greenwich CT 06830, on Wednesday, Nov. 14 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

RSVP at or (203) 340-9885.

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A buckle from CCXX Designs, which will hold a trunk show at the Michelle Farmer Collaborate in Greenwich, Conn. Nov. 14