The special on the menu Saturday is fashion


Last year, Connecticut designer Troy Anthony offered up a fashion event that combined style and dining.

And this Saturday, the creative fixture on the Nutmeg State fashion scene is bringing back Taste of Fashion as a concession to popular demand.

The public response to the first Taste of Fashion, said Anthony, was “great. Clients loved the idea of combining fashion and food. It was a unique experience. We grabbed their attention with one of a kind fashion and satisfied our clients’ taste buds all in one night.”

The event could have been a one-off but Anthony said his customers asked for a repeat performance. “It gives us a chance to showcase our work in a more intimate way where they can shop and get more personal.”

Anthony said the decision to combine an evening of fashion and food was a nod to his father.

“My dad’s a chef and he always taught me that food is the way to the heart,” said Anthony. “We want our clients to able to indulge and culinary cuisine paired with hand-picked wines that fit the lifestyle.”

For evening, guests will be served “handcrafted hors’douevres by the Cove deli in Wethersfield. We worked with the chef to pick out some favorites that pair well with red and white wine to help stimulate your taste buds.”

Food is the accent but the focus on Saturday will be fashion.

Anthony said he sees his client as “a mature woman who knows who she is and is comfortable in her own skin.”

For the clothes that clients will see on Saturday, Anthony said, “I’m drawing my inspiration from Fierce Fabulous Mature Women—FFMW. I’m focused on showing how a woman can be fashionable at any age. ”

“I’ll be showcasing collections that are versatile,” said Anthony, “(and) that shows how an older mature women can be fashionable just as well as the younger women of today.”

Anthony said the clothing is functional, practical, and comfortable with details such as hidden pockets and discrete support.

Guests will see a lot of olive tones in the new collection, said Anthony. The military-inspired line is intended “make women feel strong and empowered.” In addition to the olive, he said, “we incorporated neutral colors that are trendy and look great on any skin tone.”

“Our Rose Gold collection for the upcoming spring highlights hues that are soft and subtle which compliments a woman shape,” said Anthony of another line that will be showcased. “This collection is great on most skin tones because it’s the in-between of gold for warm skin tones and silver for cool skin tones.

Finally, he said, “our Vintage Mod is bringing back a classic design and giving it a modern twist that meets the lifestyle needs of a working woman. This design gives her options within her wardrobe. Our retro designs show that you can wear a classic piece but still have the features of a modern fashion must have.”

When the evening is done, Anthony said he hopes to walk away with new clients and admirers.

For those who are ready to shop on Saturday, Anthony said, “We will have a rack… where folks can shop and buy garments and samples and place orders.

Taste of Fashion Vol. 2 will be at the Keeney Ballroom, 200 Main St., Wethersfield on Saturday, Nov. 17. Doors open at 6 p.m.  There will be a jazz performance this year to open the show by guitarist Zara McFarlane.

Tickets are available at and tickets will be available at the door.

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