What’s trending in jewelry this season



Jewelry, like many items associated with style, follows specific trends.

As the winter holiday season is in full swing, a Connecticut stylist and several jewelry industry associations have chimed in as to how to wear jewelry this season and what shoppers should seek out for their fashion-savvy friends.

“The fall and winter, trends with accessories can be a bit overwhelming,” explained Connecticut stylist and blogger Naomi Rosenstein (naynayknows.com and stelladot.com/naomiperk). “But sticking with a few duos can help you stay up to date and stylish.”

For instance, Rosenstein said, one trend is “shimmer and shine.” She explained, “Add it into your outfit with a sparkly arm party, a sparkly lariat necklace, and some statement earrings to brighten up your face.”

Another style trend in jewelry, Rosenstein said, is “sleek and chic.”

She explained, “Every woman owns basic black. Take that simple top and pants, add a fun shoe, then be uber chic with sculptural accessories. A chunky cuff, statement earring, and a classic clutch make the basic black and take it to the next level.”

“Color and contrast” is another trend to look out for,” said Rosenstein, who is also a member of the Connecticut Bloggers Collective. “Denim is all you really need as a basic. Then mix and match everything else. A pop of color top either in a blouse or sweater then add a fun bag. Layer delicate necklaces with drop earrings and some ring bling and you’ve upped your outfit to the next level.”

If you’re going “cozy and camouflage,” Rosenstein said, “(You can) pop that trend with a scarf or clutch then add in gold accessories to complement the look. A layered necklace and large forward facing hoops make your look complete.”

Another trend noted by Rosenstein is “drapey and detailed.”

“Embroidery, attention to detail, and a little sparkle add style to a basic drapey top. It doesn’t take much but that little extra detail is all you need to be on trend,” said Rosenstein.

“Leather leggings are hot this season then factor in lace as a complementary piece for some true style,” said Rosenstein of the “leather and lace” trend she sees. “A hint of rose gold in that makes a look pop. Rose gold leather earrings, a rose gold pendant and a rose gold wrap bracelet make it stylish.”

Finally, Rosenstein said, the fashion savvy should keep an eye out for “soft and neutral.” She explained, “Stay soft and neutral for a classic look while still being trendy. A basic tote bag, blush top, then some basic gold touches in some dainty earrings and bracelet finish it off.”

The International Gem Society (gemsociety.com) in an article from Phoebe Shang, reported “the trending gems stones this season reflect the year’s hot color. The Pantone Color Institute has declared Pantone 18-3838 Ultra Violet the 2018 color of the year.”

In keeping with that designation from Pantone, IGS said the fashionable should look for jewelry using amethyst (a violet to reddish-purple quartz);.tanzanite (which is a violet to violetish-blue type of gem); sapphire (which has violet-blue hues); grape garnet (a rich reddish-purple gem).

Beyond the stones, The American Gem Society said, trending jewelry pieces for this year are vintage inspired that reference Victorian, Edwardian, and art deco eras.

Another trend, said the AGS are “Fanciful Flowers and Magical Moons.” AGS reported, “From sweet buds to lush blossoms, flowers are ultra-hot among today’s diamond jewelry customers… (Additionally) bracelets, necklaces and earrings with astrological signs, moons and stars are skyrocketing in popularity.”

Diamond brooches are another popular choice, said AGS, “Whether twisted up in your hair, anchoring the bust line of a favorite frock or adding a bit of glitter to any jacket from denim to cashmere, diamond brooches are super-chic this year.”

Colored diamonds and “myriad metals” are also on trend for those shopping for the fashion savvy, said AGS.

Etsy.com cited a report from its trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson that jewelry that reflects the ’90s also is popular. Chokers, in particular, are on trend.

Also, Etsy reported that mix-and-match earrings are hot this season. “The asymmetrical earring look that’s been hitting high-fashion runways of late is… the coolest crossover jewelry trend of 2018… There are endless ways to pull it off—from color coordinated pairs with dramatic size differences to same-size studs in varied shapes.”

A model wears Saima Chaudry Jewelry that reflects the trend for amethyst tones in 2018. The photo was taken at New York Summer Fashion Explosion in New York City in June.