Kendall puts it on the line and proves victorious


There was a small army of ambitious models – male and female, young and old ­who waited in the summer sun at the Top Model Search event at the Westbrook Outlet Stores last August.

From that gathering of dedicated followers of fashion, Kendall Line, an 18-year-old from Newington, Conn., was selected as the winner of the competition organized by John Casablancas Modeling and Acting Center in Rocky Hill, Conn.

“When I won, I was so shocked because there were so many people at the event,” said Kendall in a recent email interview. “[Ever since I won,] it helped my confidence a lot … because now I know I can be a real model.”

“I took a chance and I won.”

The 5-foot-11, size 2 model said, “I heard about the event through John Casablancas.”

“I applied for a job there and during the interview I heard about the event,” said Kendall.

The event was attractive, she said, because “this was an opportunity for top model scouts and agents to see me. It’s not every day you get an amazing opportunity like that– especially in Connecticut.”

Now Kendall can say she’s a signed model with BMG and JC Models.

“Winning the model search has opened doors for me,” said Kendall.

When Kendall headed out to Westbrook, Conn. to stand before several modeling agencies, she said, “I made sure to be myself and not worry. I wanted to look like myself by not wearing makeup. I wore a blue dress and heeled boots. I wanted to show my height and the dress showed off my frame but it wasn’t too much.”

“I wanted to look natural,” she said.

Additionally, Kendall said, “I wanted my walk to look good. So I practiced before the show.”

“The best attributes (of a model) is to have a good personality because there’s so many people that can be models you need to have a great personality to shine,” said Kendall. “You need to have dedication and motivation.

“You want to have goals to be the best,” said the Newington, Conn. resident.

Kendall said she is new to the world of modeling. However, she said, “People have always told me that I should.”

Now that she has discovered the opportunity and stoked her desire for a modeling career, Kendall said, “I love fashion and want to make a living doing it.”

In regard to her style heroes, the up-and-coming model said, “I have always liked Cara Delevingne’s style. She wears a lot of edgy and fashionable clothes. I also like Ashley Graham and Zendaya.”

“I would love to do the Victoria’s Secret fashion show one day,” said Kendall of her runway ambitions. “If you walk in that show you know you’ve made it.”

Kendall Line won the Top Model Search in Westbrook, which was held in August. (Filippo Del Vita Photo)