Model Mob: Why should your fashion taste reflect your individuality?


Model Mob is a group of area fashion models who weigh in on a variety of fashion issues for and provide selfies that illustrate their replies.

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This week’s question: Why is it important for you that your fashion taste reflect your individuality?

Michela Erksa said, through her mother Danielle,  “Fashion taste should reflect Michela’s personality because fashion is all about your individual taste, your likes, colors that make you happy inside. Your mood is always changing every day and so can your fashion! Michela loves to shop and show her friends her latest look, which is colorful and playful just like her.”


Ava King said: “I don’t want to look like everyone else! I want to be me! I have many interests and moods, and my best chosen outfits are mixed and matched to reflect that.”

Aislinn Ennis said, “It is important that my fashion taste reflects my own individuality so that I can stand out from others and be confident every time I wear an outfit I pick out. While I might choose some shoes or two pieces that many people might not, it shows others that I feel comfortable and I can serve as a role model to younger girls. When we were younger, my mom liked to dress me and my sister like twins even though we’re 5 years apart. Now, we have our own individual style and that’s reflected in our fashion choices.”

Katerina Reichenbach said, “Whether it’s trendy or super girly, I love using fashion to express myself.  It’s an important outlet because depending on my daily mood or feel the looks are completely different but always express who I am!”

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