Paint a picture of fashion with Bad Bunny


If you like the prints used in the garments created by Bad Bunny’s Jennifer Jacob, you’re out of luck if you want to find them at your local fabric store.
The designer of the Connecticut-based fashion brand creates them herself.
The prints on Bad Bunny’s retro silhouettes take some familiar forms, such as leopard prints. However, Bad Bunny’s dresses and lingerie also use prints emblazoned with dinosaur bones, extracted molars, and flowers and bugs.
“I’m a visual artist at heart and drew or painted all my patterns,” said Jacobs in a Facebook interview. “It’s just an interest of mine.”
To get these prints, said Jacobs, ” I’ll paint or draw the pattern and use a little digital editing to perfect the repeat and color. I then have a vendor that prints them for me. They print on a variety of fabrics in an eco-friendly way.”
“Then I sew them in my little studio,” Jacobs said.
“It’s fun to have control over the whole design process,” said Jacobs, who works as a graphic artist by day.
Jacobs has been on a bit of creative tear after Bad Bunny slipped into hibernation for a while.
“The latest pieces I had been wanting to make for a while,” said Jacobs.
“The new bugs and roses print had been an idea I had a few years ago,” said Jacobs.
“I wanted to turn another painting into a fabric because I really enjoy that concept. I wanted to create a classic design with a subtle creepy twist that would translate well to multiple uses,” said Jacobs.
“The bodycon dresses felt like a natural evolution of what I’ve been making,” said Jacobs, who initially became known for her bejeweled pasties and burlesque, pinup-inspired lingerie. “Really I felt they (the bodycon dresses) were missing and just needed to be a part of the shop.”
Even the newer garments from Bad Bunny have the retro feel with a modern twist that Jacobs’ line has become known for.
“I’m very interested in the history of fashion. I’m especially interested in the history of lingerie and undergarments,” said Jacobs.
“Fashion trends were and are so tied to how the world was changing politically, economically and technologically at the moment,” explained Jacobs. “I find it all very interesting and enjoy the visual representations of all the eras as well.”
“I suppose a modern twist on the undergarments I do make is that they’re made for people today,” said Jacobs. “So I want to make them comfortable and work for the way we live today.”
“I like the idea of using a classic silhouette, modified to suit modern lifestyles, mixed with my patterns,” said Jacobs.
“I have so many more ideas I can’t wait to explore in this area,” said Jacobs.
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