Model Mob: Slacks, leggings, or dresses?


Model Mob is a group of area fashion models who weigh in on a variety of issues for and provide selfies that illustrate their replies.

This week, the Mob was asked: Slacks, leggings, or skirts, which is your preference and why?


Kelsey Dixon said, “I definitely prefer pants over skirts and dresses anytime. Some reasons are I love to move around a lot and with dresses and skirts there is always a type of restriction of what you can do in them. My second biggest reason is pants are much more diverse in my opinion and that is what I love most!!”

Katerina Reichenbach, through her mother Nicole, said her preference is jeans, because they can be paired with anything and there are so many varieties and color shades of jeans.

Aislyn Ennis said, “While I find jeans more comfortable, I prefer dresses for their versatility to dress up or down. I love how you can be casual and beachy with a dress, or get fancy for an event in dresses.”

Michela Erksa said through her mother Danielle, “The winner is definitely leggings for Michela. She says they aren’t too tight around her waist so it’s comfortable moving around in school. Also, they work great with a sweater dress and boots.”

Sinead Ennis through her mother Margaret said, “Sinead prefers pants and leggings over dresses but likes dresses if they’re comfy.”

Emma Crawford said, “Skirts/dresses are my favorite because when i dress up, i feel better than when i am in jeans. i feel comfortable and free to move, feeling good about myself at the same time. being able to dress up whether it is for a special occasion or just for school is something i really enjoy doing!”

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