Who’s the boss? Belle’s the boss


The creator of a lifestyle blog out of New Britain is expanding her reach and launching her own athletic wear line.
Belle’s Notebook is the brainchild of Lisa Wisniewski. And she recently launched a clothing brand, BelleBoss.
“The blog began as a creative writing project over the summer,” said Wisniewski of Belle’s Notebook. “At first, I started with a few topics like fashion and self-care. When I shared a personal story about an unexpected hospital visit, I received a lot of positive feedback.”
“I realized the blog could be a source for something inspirational,” said Wisniewski.
So, Wisniewski said, “The purpose of the blog is to inspire in every situation.”
“The athletic wear is a compliment to the message of the blog,” she said.
“[Belle’s Boss] is something that is wearable and can be taken anywhere as a daily reminder. It also came about as a partnership with Rocking My SewJo,” said Wisniewski. “This collaboration further spreads the message of the blog and building relationships.”
The clothing is emblazoned with inspirational quotes. Right now, the line is using two quotes: “Strong is the New Pretty” and “Be Your Own Boss.”
“The quotes came from messages that spoke to me as well as my friends,” said Wisniewski. “They continue to inspire me to do this work and be better.”
“‘Strong is the New Pretty’ is meaningful to me for many reasons,” said the blogger. “It changes the conversation about gender norms. It can also mean various types of strengths such as mentally, physically, emotional, or spiritually strong.”
“‘Be Your Own Boss’ is a nod to creating the life that an individual wants to create We can write our own paths and this quote encourages an individual to do so,” said Wisniewski.
Wisniewski said she wanted to marry the quotes to the athletic wear because “I wanted to spread a positive message and that we are all capable of more.”
“[BelleBoss] is more than a brand,” Wisniewski.” While the quotes compliment the brand, it is about spreading positivity.”
Describing the woman she sees in BelleBoss, Wisniewski said she is someone “who is doing amazing things in her field. She is someone who strives for more and continues to grow in her life both professionally and personally in her journey to get there.”
Right now, BelleBoss has limited products. But Wisniewski said, “The future is bright… We will be expanding our product line to include t-shirts and yoga pants.”
“In the near future, we will include a men’s wear line to also celebrate men,” said Wisniewski.
To check out BelleBoss’s Etsy shop, go to www.etsy.com/shop/BellesNotebookCTFashionMag.com


MODEL: Lili Rojek