Model Mob: Favorite place for photos


Model Mob is a group of area fashion models who weigh in on a variety of issues for and provide selfies and self-submitted photographs that illustrate their replies.

This week, the Mob was asked, What is your favorite place to have a photo taken of yourself and why?

Vanessa Carson said her “fave place (for having her photograph taken is) New York City, either on the train or once I’m there.”

Vanessa Carson @vgcthemodel

Aislin Ennis said, “My favorite place to take selfies is in between photos during photo shoots: whether it be on the beach, in the studio, or somewhere in between. This way I can check how my makeup and hair looks and it makes for great lighting.”

Michela Erksa, though her mother Danielle, said she loves to visit a “neighborhood gem for her pictures on social media. Being in nature is fun and relaxing.”

Katerina Reichenbach said: “”I love having pictures taken in tropical settings or on the beach! I love spring and summer fashions and nothing is better than relaxing and snapping pictures by the beach!” (Photo credits: RLS Photography and Brett Martelli.)

Kayla Nappi said her favorite place to have her photograph taken is “home with my sweet beloved dog.”

Kayla Nappi

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