Putting our best foot forward



As we slip into our flip-flops or simply strip down to our bare feet to greet the warmer weather of New England, the moment of truth arrives.

And we ask ourselves…

How bad do my feet look? Is the skin all cracked and ugly?

Arm & Hammer has released a new product that is intended to help make your feet more presentable to the public at large.

It has released its own “Foot Care Moisturizer and Gentle Exfoliators.”

In its press materials, Arm & Hammer touts the product ability to moisturize and restore skin using AHA Exfoliators and hydrating coconut oil.

I used some on my feet because they do need a little post-winter help. What was nice about the product was that didn’t have a heavy greasy feel as it moisturized the soles of my feet. I didn’t feel as if I needed to stay in place forever to avoid staining my carpet as I traipsed moisturizer from my seat.

Besides being easy on the skin (and furniture), the product is easy on your nose with a pleasant, peaceful coconut scent.

One of the unique—and most helpful– dimensions of this product is its packaging. The tube is capped off what Arm & Hammer calls a “no touch sanitary massaging brush.” Thanks to the brush, I didn’t have to coat my hands in the product in order to apply it to my feet. You just squeeze a bit out of the hole in the center for the brush and apply it to your feet. The brush is designed at an ergonomic angle so you don’t have to contort yourself to apply the product. The brush also is wide enough that you only need a few swipes to cover the surface of your sole.

Arm & Hammer Foot Care Moisturizer and Gentle Exfoliators is available at CVS and retails for $8.29.

For more information, go to ArmandHammerFootCare.com.