Tap, tap, tap: The finals are calling for Miss Connecticut’s Outstanding Teen



The preliminaries for Miss America’s Outstanding Teen wrapped up on the night of Thursday, July 25 and Connecticut’s representative danced her way to the finish.

Woodbury, Conn.’s Lindiana Frangu competed in the talent category in the contest at the Orange County Convention Center. The first night she wore a white number for her evening gown and on-stage question. On the second night, she wore bright red athletic wear for Lifestyle and Fitness.

And for her talent, a spirited and energetic tap dance to Paula Abdul’s “Cold Hearted,” Frangu, the former Miss Bristol’s Outstanding Teen, wore a body suit with an embroidered snake that ran from her shoulder down to her legs. (The lyrics of the song are: “He’s a coldhearted snake lookin into his eyes.”

With a smile on her face, Frangu danced a dervish before the judges. This was her last event to bolster her score to reach the finals scheduled for Saturday night, July 27.

Frangu is one of 51 contestants seeking to succeed London Hibbs as Miss America’s Outstanding Teen.

In addition to her talent, Frangu walked the stage in the obligatory introductory dance number and a parade of evening gowns.