Model Mob: Favorite vacation spots


Model Mob is a group of area fashion models who weigh in on a variety of issues for and provide selfies and self-submitted photographs that illustrate their replies.

This time, we asked them: What are some vacation photos you’ve taken this summer and why do you like them?

Michela Erksi said, through her mother Danielle, her favorite vacation spot is the Great Wolf Lodge. “There is Magic Quest where u become a wizard and defeat the dragon. Also, the water park is awesome.”

Aislinn Ennis said Milan is her favorite vacation spot. (She is seen here in these vacation photographs wearing Gigi Ri.) Aislinn said: “Milan’s fascinating history can connect what I learn in class to the real world, and the Italian food and friendly locals make the atmosphere incredible. The architecture makes every street corner picturesque and the music playing allowed for relaxation and enjoyment.”

In the photographs, the family is eating at Ecooking and grabs some ice cream from Amorino. Aislinn’s mother, Margaret, shows her own style in these photos wearing Fendi.

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