Plump it up, tighten it up with Cheeky Physique


A little accentuation never hurt anyone.
Why else would we speak about contouring, lashes, blush, and lipstick?
Of course, that is for the face.
How about for your arms and, dare we say it, the derriere?
Cheeky Physique is now marketing two products that claim to take care of those problem areas using the firm’s key ingredient Voluplus.
Sublime Curves is a “derriere shaping cream,” which also uses macca root and peptide for the desired effect
Arm Sleek is an “upper arm firming serum,” which also turns to a marine extract, caffeine and peptides to tighten things up.
Press materials for Sublime Curves reports users see an 18%increase in body contour volume in 28 days. There also was average 12% increase versus a placebo.
Does it work? You can be the judge.
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Model: Iraima Lopez.

Photography: Mike Chaiken