Dust of Gods makes its declaration that its ‘not’ like other fashion houses



Dadaist Marcel Duchamp gave the world “readymades.”
Essentially, the artist would sign his name to objects that already existed and then call them his creation. The most memorable “readymade” was a urinal he turned upside down and then signed it. He also took a print of the Mona Lisa and drew a mustache across her lip and called it a Duchamp.
Essentially, fashion house Dust of Gods took a page out of Duchamp’s book with its show at Art Hearts Fashion during New York Fashion Week at the Angel Orensanz Center on Sept. 6. With his scrawls of “This is not Louis Vuitton” and “This is not Chanel,” Dust of Gods claimed these repurposed garments as its own.
The line, directed toward men and women, also drew upon urban fashion, so these proclamations of proud negation worked brilliantly in a world where designer logos are king.
The garments also had a post-apocalyptic “Mad Max” flare meets “The Warriors,” the cult film about a gang war in New York.’