Brianna Moon: Hip with a whiff of nostalgia


While some people were getting wild and weird out on the streets, American television wanted to ride the wave of being mod, hip, and fashionable.

But the TV networks didn’t want to frighten, as radio journalist Walter Winchell once described as “Mr. and Mrs. America border to border and coast to coast” with a bunch of hippies.

So the wardrobes were spiffed up by wardrobe directors. Garments looked more like selections from the pages of Vogue rather than a dog-earred section of the Sears catalog.

Television shows like “I Dream of Jeannie” and “Bewitched” also took advantage of the proliferation of color televisions to inject the wardrobe with a good dose of color to wow “Mr. and Mrs. America.”

Brianna Moon’s collection at Styleweek in Providence, R.I. on Sept. 21 reminded me of those hip garments of 1960s television. She offered Crayola-worthy splashes of green and pink that screamed “Technicolor. ” The silhouettes would have looked right at home on Barbara Eden (“I Love Jeannie”) or Elizabeth Montgomery (“Bewitched”).

Mind you, Moon didn’t provide a theatrical production costume parade on the runway. The designer provided a modern take on a moment in pop culture history.


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