Peach Carr serves up a modern fashion meal with a hip side of retro


There may be something in the water in Providence that transports designers to the 1960s and 1970s.
At Styleweek last month in Providence, designer Peach Carr offered up a retro yet modern collection – which if not a mandated theme at the Rhode Island shows seemed to be a common thread among the fashion creations.
The prints used by Carr were whimsical, with dayglo pink cocktail glasses, lobsters, and the pink outline of hands on a model’s hips. The prints definitely were a modern touch to the collection. The colors also were vibrant, a detail that would have been nearly impossible in earlier eras. Another innovative detail were the detachable half sleeves used with some of the garments.
But the silhouettes of some of the dresses, pant suits, and separates reminded me of the 1960s sitcom about an independent woman in the city, “That Girls,” and another independent woman from the 1970s, “Mary Tyler Moore.”
These were clothes perfect for clubbing, cocktails with the girls, and lively house parties with the hip and cool crowd. Yet, they were clothes that could be worn across stylish generations.


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