Model Mob: About those Halloween costumes

Model Mob is a group of area fashion models who weigh in on a variety of issues for and provide selfies that illustrate their replies.
This time, since Halloween is still fresh in our memories, we asked the Mob about their Halloween costumes this year and why they think their chosen character was stylish.
Driena Baldwin said her character was stylish because of its “Coordination from the hat and lashes to the bouquet and lapels.”


Vanessa Carson (instagram @VGCtheModel) said, “It’s all about accessorizing the crocs! ”

Michela Erska, through her mother said, “Since the new movie ‘Maleficent’ is out she wanted to dress up like her. Michela loves capes and the magical idea of flying.”

Kayla Nappi said, “Am I  a ‘Happy’ clown or a ‘Mischievous’ clown?”

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