Model wants happiness… and a cat


Blaise deVos is looking for feline company.
And she wants to be happy.
In a long email interview with the 16-year-old model who has been a social media juggernaut over the past year, Blaise spoke about her long-term goals as a fashion model.
Blaise offered up some initially modest aspirations for her modeling career, which has taken her to New York Fashion Week at least once and a return trip on the horizon.
“My long-term goal is to be happy, surrounded by people who make me happy,” said Blaise (on Instagram, @blazingggblaiseee).
Long term, she said, “I want to be content with where I am in the industry. I want to know that I’ve made my mark and that my hard work has paid off. I want to be able to sleep at night knowing that I’ve spent my years dedicating myself to a career that I love.”
In more concrete terms, Blaise said, “I want to walk in fashion weeks all over the world, I want to grace covers of magazines like Vogue and Elle and many more.
“I want to walk in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show,” said Blaise, who count’s Victoria’s Secret models Taylor Hill, Gigi Hadid, and Bella Hadid as her fashion heroes.
“Also I want a cat,” she added.
Blaise spent her first six years of life in New Zealand. The rest of the time, Fiji has been home for the model. Soon, she will be hanging her hat in London as she moves to the U.K. to boost her fashion fortunes.
Blaise started modeling when she was approached by an Australian modeling agency when she was 8.
“I signed with them on a Thursday and by Saturday I had my first catwalk show,” said Blaise.
Blaise said she feels more confident about herself because of her modeling. Also she has made a lot of friends with other models and photographers because of her fashion endeavors.
Blaise walked for Chixit at Society Fashion Week back in September 2019 during New York Fashion Week. She will be returning to walk for the brand in the February installment of NYFW. She also will have other shows lined up.
“I met some awesome people, other models and new photographers and I got to go to the city of my dreams – New York City,” said Blaise of her September visit to New York.
“I remember being backstage… and like literally a minute or so before I walk my hands were shaking and I honestly felt like I was about to cry,” said Blaise. Model Erin Bloomberg saw “that I was very anxious and probably on the verge of a panic attack – it was my first time opening a show in front of such a large crowd– and straight away calmed me down.”
Blaise is a constant presence on social media, posting daily, sometimes hourly, updates on her modeling and life in general. Her Instagram account has nearly 70,000 followers.
“Social media has its cons and pros,” said Blaise of her constant effort to provide updates. “As a model, I’m a bit in between about it. But the majority of the time, I’m thankful for what I have and how much my Instagram has grown.”
“I make the effort because I have thousands of people supporting me, who want me to succeed and who look up to me,” said Blaise.
“It’s definitely helped me a lot,” said Blaise. “Brands and scouts look at Instagram profiles a lot.” Blaise has stepped out beyond social media by launching her own website (
With the site, said Blaise, “I can sell posters for my fans and be more professional.” Also said Blaise, the site provides an opportunity for anyone who wants to work with her to check out her modeling portfolio online.

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