Heaven and hell… and Stupid Cupid Steampunk



The Victoriana of steampunk took a commercial break at the Stupid Cupid Ball at Cheney Hall in Manchester.

The break’s focus was on the gothic, in the traditional Biblical sense, fashions of Kristin Costa in a presentation of her latest collection, Book of Revelations II.

Throughout the auditorium at the fifth annual event on Feb. 1, which is the brainchild of David Carlson (i.e. Oddball Newt), patrons indulged in their fondness for all things Steampunk.

Steampunk is typically described as what would happen if the Victorian period happened today, a mixture of the future and the past.

Costa’s collection didn’t really reflect the Steampunk aesthetic but it did indulge in the practitioners’ interest in the unusual and intriguing.

Models embodied a cross section between good and evil and a melding of the two. Costa’s creations made references to angels, demons, the primal spirit and the Sacred Heart.

Here are moments on the catwalk and behind the scenes as Costa and her models prepared to step out before the public.