Model has a cause beyond a career in fashion


Lauren Wilbur wants a career as a fashion model.
But the 17-year-old from Rome, Ga. wants to do more than be a pretty face.
She wants to use that future career to help solve her biggest concern: the plight of the homeless.
Wilbur, who was making her New York Fashion Week runway debut walking for Chixit on Feb. 7, said her home state of Georgia doesn’t seem as if it would have a homeless problem. But she notes that Georgia is home to the city of Atlanta, and she has seen plenty of people living on the street there.
Right now, the teen is not working with any organization to help the homeless (“I’m a freelancer.”)
However, if a career as a New York fashion model earned her an opportunity to speak with her state legislators, Wilbur said she would urge them to help slow down the construction of mansions in Georgia. Instead, she said there should be an effort to build more affordable, and environmentally friendly, housing for those in need. There should also be an effort to provide jobs for the homeless, she said.
But, Wilbur said, she knows if she spoke to her state’s politicians, she would have to check her impulses at the door.
“I have a smart mouth, so that would be bad for me” she said.
Wilbur did not intend to pursue a career as a model. “Initially, I was interested in a career as a singer.”
Wilbur, whose musical preferences are pop and country music, had answered an ad about modeling about two years ago. “I love dressing up.”
Things didn’t work out and she set the activity aside.
However, about six months ago, Wilbur said she did a couple of photo shoots. And she was hooked.
Then the opportunity to model for Chixit arose. And there she was in New York Fashion Week.
“I’m a little nervous,” said Wilbur, “there’s going to be a lot of people looking at me.”
Other than being nervous, said Wilbur, “I’m looking forward to meeting new people…, getting my name out there more”


Model Lauren Wilbur poses in New York City.