The Insta-famous model, Avaryana Rose


Model Avaryana Rose has 306,000 Instagram followers.

Daily, the teen posts some photo or Instagram video. And if she’s not posting, someone is sharing her photo. She also has her own website, where she can connect to her fans in other ways.

“I like to hear about how I affect (my fans’) outlook on life and their lifestyles,” said Avaryana in an email. “I also like to hear what they think about the gigs I do.”

When she posts on her Instagram, Avaryana said, “I just think about all the lives I may be affecting for the better, and things like that.”

Avaryana first entered modeling when she responded to a casting call posted by a cheer uniform company. She got the gig and she was used for the company’s look book.

“I felt inexperienced at the time,” said the Florida teen. “But I caught on quickly and it was very fun for me.”

Avaryana walked several runways during New York Fashion Week in February. She also used her time in the city to sit for a few fashion shoots.

“I like doing runway because all the focus is on me,” said Avaryana. “I love the energy and presence that I feel when I do it.”

“Runway is nerve-racking at first because of the crowd size,” said the model, “but as soon as you start (walking) that feeling fades for me and I have fun.”

Avaryana said, “I like (fashion shoots) because I like seeing all the different poses I can do and how outfits look in photos.”

Avaryana said photo shoots are easy for her by now because she’s done so many.

As a model, Avaryana said she has represented brands such as Sew Breaux and Chixit. She’s also walked in Coastal Fashion Week and in the Fashion Life Tour.

“My most exciting gigs are the ones I can have fun with and the ones where I can use my own ideas,” said Avaryana.

Living in Florida, Avaryana is a long way from the fashion capital New York City and other well-known style centers.

In her home state, however, Avaryana said there is fashion scene. But it is “very summery and casual.”

“I don’t mind it at all,” said Avaryana of home state’s style. “I actually enjoy it.”

In terms of Avaryana’s career goals as a model, the sky is the limit. She cites Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, Steve Madden and Marc Jacob as her bucket list brands and designers for modeling gigs.

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