Model has the passion for being photographed


Brooke Hatcher has a passion for being photographed.

And just a year after starting her modeling career, she has turned that passion into fashion features in regional magazines.

Brooke, a high school student at Fairmont Kettering High School in Kettering, Ohio, has ambitions of working as a model in print or on the runway. The 4’11” model also would like to parlay her modeling ambitions into an acting career.

The curly haired Brooke also keeps herself busy with cheerleading, dance, softball, gymnastics and horseback riding.

“I know what is expected of me and I am confident, not arrogant, and I can be counted on to do what I say I will do,” she said in an email interview.

Follow Brooke on Instagram: @kb.brooke.

Photographer Credits : Jason George

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Photographer Credits :

Chris Hall @hallwayphotography