Model Dare Taylor dares to build her career from the ground up


For a bit of time, social media model Dare Taylor found herself homeless.

She wasn’t homeless in that she was living without shelter and asking people to give her some cash for her next meal.

Dare Taylor poses in New York City during New York Fashion Week in September 2019. MIKE CHAIKEN PHOTO

But she wasn’t living in a solid structure of any kind.

“I was 18,” said Taylor in an email interview, explaining she had been kicked out of her house by her father and her step mother.

However, she added, “(I was) not the typical ‘living on the street’ homeless.”

“I had a car to live out of and was only without a place for a week,” said Taylor.

“I didn’t have time to be angry or sad; I was determined to find a place to live out of – even if it was couch surfing for a bit till I could save money,” said Taylor.

So, said Taylor, “That’s exactly what I did… I lived in my car for a week till I found a place. Then I couldn’t stay anymore so I found another place.”

“I bounced from place to place for a year or so till I decided to move to Florida,” said Taylor.

“Looking back, I’m proud of my journey — thankful to the people who helped me along the way,” said Taylor.

The experience did teach the model some life lessons.

“Don’t give anyone power or authority over your life,” said Taylor.

Also, she said, “I make sure I will never be in that position again by saving my money and looking after myself and the others around me.”

A model now with her own website and YouTube channel, Taylor actually started off as a theater kid back in high school with ambitions to take the stage.

“Theater kids were a bunch of misfits all looking to find their place and I loved how we all were unique and highlighted,” said Taylor of that community that she called her high school home. “Yes, there was drama. But how could you not expect drama?”

Taylor had several heroes out of the theater world she hoped to join.

“I always loved (Broadway performers) Sutton Foster and Kristen Chenoweth because they both were triple threats, Singers, dancers, and actresses,” said Taylor.

“But I currently have a respect for Anna Kendrick (‘Pitch Perfect’) since she’s not the typical singer, dancer actress. She’s outspoken and spunky — like me,” said Taylor

In high school, Taylor admits she was her own worst enemy in theater. She explained to be horrible at auditions.

Taylor’s Achille’s heel meant she tended to play the smaller roles in her high school’s productions, such as “Thoroughly Modern Milly, “Cinderella” and “The Sound of Music.”

“I’m lucky I’ve learned to be calm (since then) and give ’em hell in the audition room,” said Taylor.

Although she makes her living as a model, Taylor said, “I absolutely adore musical theater still.”

“I actually did pursue singing and dancing while (working) at a Disney (amusement park).”

“I auditioned many times to take my Disney career to the next level by singing in their many shows, but I guess it wasn’t in the cards,” said Taylor.

Trying to pursue an Actor’s Equity card, Taylor said she consistently found herself finding hurdles she couldn’t overcome.

“I moved on,” said Taylor of her theatrical ambitions. “(I decided I) needed to make a name for herself so I went the career path that I was naturally good at. Modeling.”

Although modeling has had a reputation for being a short-lived vocation, Taylor doesn’t think that’s the case in 2020. “I’ve seen models continue working for years in different aspects.”

However, Taylor does have ambitions beyond modeling, such as acting on camera (instead of on-stage), singing, and becoming a celebrity personality that takes advantage of her “dorky nerd” personality.

“I am already paving that path with my YouTube channel (Dare W).”

Modeling won’t be left completely behind as she steps in front of the camera as an actor, said Taylor. She would like to continue her work as an art nude model.

However, Taylor said, “I have big plans and don’t intend on stopping or waiting for anyone.”