Born Tough is born to be stylish


They are the fitness wear brands that shall not be named.

You know them. They have the famous logos. They have the celebrity endorsements. They have the extensive retail chains. They have the outrageous prints

Then there are the discount brands. You’ve seen them in warehouse stores and discount department stores. They have the low price. They have the baggy fit. They have the cheap fabric.

Born Tough ( is a fitness wear brand out of California that flies under the retail radar. But the samples they provided for a fashion editorial gave every indication that Born Tough’s style and quality are less worthy than the brands with higher profiles.

Connecticut model Samantha Sarelli wore a hoodie jacket, tank and leggings from Born Tough. The fit was good. And the look, a bit minimalist compared to the famous retail brands, ended up giving the garments a modern, yet timeless, feel.

Born Tough won praise from model, Samantha

“It was super comfortable and made of great material,” said Samantha. “I loved it. It was a thicker material, which was nice, and would definitely keep me warm in the winter.”

Samantha added, “It’s super flattering as well.”

Born Tough, which also offers an extensive line of fitness wear for men, is available online at

PHOTOS by MIKE CHAIKEN. Shot on location in Trumbull, Conn.