Beach Bunny hops into the future


Beach Bunny Swim not only showed off its future collection during August’s Paraiso Miami Swim but it rode the waves of the future of fashion at the annual runway event.

Beach Bunny introduced its next collection Resort ’21 at the Miami event.

In press materials with Paraiso, the new collection was dubbed “fluid.” The brand also added a dose of optimism into the collection to offset the mood of the world brought on by COVID-19, explained the Paraiso press release.

COVID-19 also forced Beach Bunny, and Paraiso, to explore a new format for fashion shows. This year, Beach Bunny’s runway was closed to the public. Instead, it was presented via livestream to the world. Models walked a runway poolside while the video cameras caught the action.

All of Paraiso’s designers were forced to follow this virtual format because of concerns over COVID-19.

Beach Bunny also followed a burgeoning trend in the fashion industry when it presented items currently available to consumers.

Historically, fashion shows like Paraiso have been about unveiling designs that will be available the following season.

However, designers and brands have been discussing changing the calendars so that what is shown on the runway is available to consumers immediately following the fashion show.

With the rise of social media, the traditional approach of getting new styles to the stores was getting a push back from consumers who wanted what they saw on Instagram and Facebook as soon as the models hung the pieces on the hangars backstage. Additionally, counterfeiters were using imagery from the shows to begin producing cheaply made knock-offs before the designers could even get orders from buyers.

Beach Bunny took up the cause of a revised fashion calendar by offering several best-selling pieces from its current line for what was called a “see now buy now” show.

Beach Bunny Swimwear, which was launched in 2004, is known for its “ultra-feminine unique bikini styles and resort wear,” said press materials from the brand. “Beach Bunny designs for the summer-obsessed and swimwear lovers everywhere with the intent to make every woman feel perfect in her bikini.”

“Beach Bunny uses luxurious custom-hardware to create one of kind bikinis,” also said press materials. “With all women in mind, Beach Bunny offers top fits from tiny triangles to push-ups and bottoms ranging from a micro tango to full coverage.”

Beach Bunny can be found in retail stores.

Model Avaryana Rose poses in a Beach Bunny bikini. Photos by Mike Chaiken

The Beach Bunny runway show at Paraiso Miami Swim in August. Photos by Simon Soong.

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