Being the best version of one’s self


Modeling has done more than fueled Alaysjahe Sims’s passion.

As Alaysjahe, a recent winner at Magnifique in Pigeon Hole, Tenn., has explained it, modeling has “molded my mental, physical, and spiritual outlook on life.”

“I see modeling as an art form” that needs expression constantly, she said.

Alaysjahe described herself as “a free spirited, spontaneous, driven individual” always on the lookout for the next step in her career.

Alaysjahe said she also always looking to inspire others to be true to themselves and follow their dreams.

That concept of being true to one’s self and following a dream is extended to herself, said Alaysjahe.” I just want to be the best version of myself that my mom Jessica Smith, my dad Kwabena Sims and my deceased grandma Jessie Elliott always wanted me to be.”

Alaysjahe also said loves living the embodiment of women empowerment, letting other women know they do not have to conform to societal standards.

Magnifique Fashion Shows and Competitions are produced by Victoria Henley from “America’s Next Top Model,” Cycle 19.

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