Demery Jayne: Lingerie rooted in art

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Demery Jayne comes from a family of artists.

Her father paints. Her mother does interior design and creates jewelry. One sister is a painter and the other is a performance artist.

Now, Jayne, a former fashion model, serves as an artistic muse for a lingerie line that carries her name, the Demery Jayne Collection.

Stacy Ashley Christensen is the designer of the Demery Jayne Collection. But Christensen works very much in concert with Jayne as they bounce ideas off of each other for the lingerie line that bears her name.

In a webinar, “The Intimate Talks” presented by Curve, Christensen said the lingerie line is designed as a luxury brand. The pieces are meant to be staples in a woman’s wardrobe. They are built to last, she said. And they are built in a sustainable manner.

Christensen said the Demery Jayne Collection likely will become a woman’s favorite piece to take on a resort vacation.

The pieces are also intended to make a woman feel empowered and good about themselves, said Christensen.

“If you have this feminine power underneath your clothing, you’ll feel sexy all day,” said Christensen. “That’s the power of lingerie.”

The collection recognizes, said Christensen, “We’re all beautiful goddess.”

Some of the pieces presented in the webinar exhibited were touted by Christensen for their simplicity and versatility. Other pieces from Demery Jayne, noted Christensen, had a vintage Victorian feel.

Color on the pieces from the brand typically are muted to embody the femininity of a woman, said Christensen.

There also are selections from Demery Jayne that come in white, which make them perfect for brides, said Christensen.