Backstage Pass: Niels Duinker juggles into the record books


Niels Duinker, an eight-time Guinness World Record Holder, has traveled the world with his juggling act, entertaining royalty, appearing on talk shows and delighting audiences at his various resident shows across the United States.

Niels Duinker, an eight-time Guinness World Record holder for juggling is seen in action at Amish Country Theater. PHOTO by LYNN HENLEY @lynnhenleyphotography 

Duinker has also written numerous books on the art of juggling (available in select booksellers and on Amazon), and can be found in the Guinness World Record franchise books and interactive museums.

The decorated juggler sits down to chat with Backstage Pass on FCB and IHeart Radio (and for this exclusive feature) about how he got his start, his new life in the beautiful Amish Country of Berlin, Ohio and what’s next on the horizon


BACKSTAGE PASS: Niels, you have performed all over the world, and now you’re in the beautiful Amish County in Ohio. What’s life like here?

NIELS DUINKER: Life is really great here. It’s a beautiful place with lots of nature scenery, tons of shops and many things to explore. You can always stay busy, because there’s always something to do. Plus the Amish food is amazing.

Niels Duinker
PHOTO by LYNN HENLEY @lynnhenleyphotography 

BP: What’s your favorite Amish Food?

ND: It’s all so good, but I would have to say the fried pies are my favorite. Very fattening though (laughs)


BP: Well, luckily, you burn a lot of calories doing what you do. You’re new morning one man show is called Morning Throwdown. Can you tell us a bit about that?

ND: Sure. This is actually my first headlining resident one man show, so I’m really excited for the opportunity. Morning Throwdown is the only morning show in Berlin, so when you catch the show, you’re getting something totally unique.

Niels Duinker has some fun with Victoria Henley. PHOTO by LYNN HENLEY @lynnhenleyphotography 


BP: What can people expect at your show?

ND: People can expect to laugh, have fun and enjoy a lot of different types of juggling. It’s a one-hour show; and you’d actually be surprised at how many different types of juggling you can fit into a one hour show. To keep the show interesting, I added some magic, audience participation and some videos on the history of juggling.


BP: You also mentor other artists. Can you tell us how you teach other people your trade?

Niels Duinker with Victoria Henley at the Amish Country Theater in Ohio PHOTO by LYNN HENLEY @lynnhenleyphotography 

ND: I have lots of online tutorials posted, and I’ve written a few juggling guidebooks that are comprehensive and easy to follow. I’ve now been hired by Cirqo, a platform that connects aspiring performance artists to some of the most acclaimed cirque performers in the world.


BP: Your degree is in engineering, which undoubtedly has helped you in building some of your own materials. You’ve been known to build and sell custom clubs to other jugglers. How did you get started doing that?

ND: I have been making clubs for some time; and I actually did a set of champagne bottle themed clubs that were really popular around the holiday season. They sold out quickly and it’s the coolest feeling to see photos and videos of other performers around the world onstage with clubs I designed.


BP: Do you think anyone could learn to juggle?

ND: Yes. Some people might have a harder time than others; but really, it just takes practice and a lot of patience.


You can connect with Niels on Facebook and Instagram: @nielsduinker and on his website Watch Niels in his one man show and evening variety shows at Amish Country Theater  by getting your tickets at


Victoria Henley is a former contestant on “America’s Next Top Model,” a fashion model who has walked in New York Fashion Week and a personality on iHeart Radio and JTV.