Carolina Estefan’s swimwear salutes a glorious past


The ties to a glorious past are a key inspiration for the latest swimwear collection from Colombian designer Carolina Estefan.

Estefan’s line was showcased beside a team of other Colombian based designers at Destination: Colombia in Miami. The fashion event was held by Paraiso Miami Beach on Nov. 14.

In an email, Estefan said the new collection is called Heritage.

The line is inspired by “reliving and preserving part of our Spanish roots, focusing specifically on the art of flamenco,” Estefan said. “The richness in expression, the intensity of its movement, its poetry, dance, and symbolism all reach a spiritual level of this intense enchantment.”

“This magic aura created when all members of the canto, the dancing, and the guitar join and disconnect from the real world, is known as Duende,” said Estefan. “Within this abstract concept of ‘Duende,’ the spirit at that moment is the force that keeps the movement, the harmony and the tradition alive.”

These ties to remembrance are manifested in the prints of Heritage, said Estefan.

“We based our prints on symbolic references of this powerful dance,” said Estefan. “Two of them have a rich geometric effect inspired in flamenco hand movements; the third is an abstract interpretation of the intensity of sound waves inspired in the guitar’s chords; and the fourth print features beautiful and unique florals.”

“Colors like red, black, mustard, electric blue, orange, black and white all dominate the color palette,” said the Colombian designer. “Our versatile pieces are full of lightness, ruffles, bows, layering, details, and movement, which will always characterize us.”

The new collection from Estefan is consistent with her brand’s overall design DNA, which she dubs “tropical chic.”

“What primarily stands out in our designs are our hand illustrated prints, which are very eclectic and abstract, full of color,” said Estefan. “Our pieces are versatile.” They can be used as a bodysuit, so they can also serve as a top. And with the right skirt, Estefan said her swimsuits can be transformed “a chic eveningwear piece to wear at a summer wedding.”

As for what kind of woman wears Carolina Estefan, the Colombian designer said her customer is someone who wants “to feel powerful and make a statement and want to be seen wherever they go.”

“Our swimwear… usually (serves as a) statement piece that will… make them look chic at all times,” said Estefan.

As for the trends she sees in swimwear next season, Estefan said she envisions that one-piece suits will be big. “Its versatility is… very much appreciated and loved by all the fashionistas.”

In addition to one-pieces, Estefan also sees detailing like one-shoulder straps, bows and ruffles trending for next year.

And if you have a lot of prints, Estefan said you might want to make room in your swimsuit drawer for one more option.

“A black bathing suit is also a must (for 2021),” said Estefan.

Estefan and her brand, like everyone else, has watched life change because of COVID-19.

“We are still in a moment of resilience and crisis around the world,” said the Colombian designer.

As she approached the new collection COVID also served as an influence, Estefan explained.

“I wanted to focus on giving value to our past, giving importance to the fight of not losing our traditions,” said the Colombian designer.

“The world is becoming even more digital right now, since working from home became the new reality, and being online 24/7 is the new thing,” said Estefan.

However, said Estefan, echoing the theme of the new collection, “We can’t forget the richness that our cultural traditions have to offer.”

Estefan also used the new line to address one of the other pressing concerns of the world in 2020: protecting the environment.

“We focused on sustainability by using recycled plastic bottle fabric for our swimwear pieces for the first time,” said Estefan.

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