Colombia’s Palmacea swim learns the power of adaptation


The mantra of 2020 has been “adapt.”

In particular, life has been about adapting to changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Colombian swimwear brand Palmacea, like many fashion brands, also has been learning to adapt.

And that need to change with the times is the underlying theme of its latest line, which was shown as part of Paraiso Miami Beach’s Destination: Colombia. The fashion show held in November was organized to spotlight the swimwear brands coming out of Colombia.

In light of COVID-19, Manuela Botero, a manager at Palmacea, said, “We wanted to be resourceful (as a brand).”

The pandemic and the economic crisis has sent the fashion world into a tailspin as orders fell as consumers’ buying habits and lifestyles changed.

“We went back to our oldest collections and looked for things we could rescue,” said Botero. “Fabrics, supplies, materials, patterns. Everything that could tell a good story.”

“Being conscious about the situation is extremely important as a brand, every little thing has to be taken into account,” said Botero of life during COVID-19. “Not spending unnecessary resources and finding beauty and use in the things that we didn’t (use) before.”

The new collection shown at Destination: Columbia was called “Selva Manifest,” which is about adapting, explained Botero.

The collection is about finding a way “to create with what has already been explored, to be resourceful in difficult moments and to give our best at hard times. It is a collection that takes us to a romantic jungle, to an awakening in nature, surrounded by life and color. A soft and delicate tropic, feminine and cheerful,” said Botero.

“Selva Manifesto is calm and rebirth, the space where we find ourselves again,” said Botero.

Palmacea is a swimwear, beachwear and accessories brand for women, men and children.

“We are inspired by our country (Colombia), its colorful landscapes and infinite flora and fauna,” said Botero. “We seek the balance between color, design and comfort in each of our garments so that every person feels special.”

“Contrast in the details, textures and prints combinations make our product unique,” said Botero.

The woman who wears Palmacea “is completely down to earth. She really enjoys having fun with friends and family, but is also hard-working.”

“Looking good is important (for the Palmacea woman) but being comfortable is essential for her (as well), so she looks for garments that suit her body type but are above all stylish and fun,” said Botero.

And as brands ready for summer 2021, what trends are expected for swimwear brands such as Palmacea?

Botero said consumers should expect to see “very romantic silhouettes, recycled fabrics and textured details.”

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