Effleure evokes the scent of a woman


The root of the word sensuality is “sense.”
The sense of smell is the probably most subtle for stirring memories, especially memories of pleasure.
Effleure (effleure.com), a new brand out of Montreal, is tapping into the heady, sexual realm of memory stirring scents with its lingerie collection
Through a special process involving essential oils, the panties – which come in G-strings, bikinis and lace culottes – are imbued with the subtle scents of lavender, French vanilla, dark chocolate or black coconut.
Effleure was launched by Virginia Marcolin, who has a lengthy history within the fashion industry. She interned at Henri Bendel and served as an assistant buyer at Charivari. Subsequently, she moved to London where she was a lingerie, nightwear and swimwear buyer for the storied department store, Selfridges. When she returned to Montreal, she launched a lingerie website for large cup sized women.
Now, Marcolin is blazing a new intimates trail with Effleure.
“To my knowledge,” said Marcolin, “Effleure is the first brand of luxury scented lingerie on the market.”
“We are basically creating a new product category, one that women and their partners will hopefully find intoxicating and a sensual addition to their lingerie collection,” said Marcolin.
As the brand builds, Marcolin said she chose for the first capsule collection “three classic, gorgeous styles (a G-string, a bikini and a lace culotte).”
And with those styles, said Marcolin, “I chose scents that are familiar to most people so there wouldn’t be any difficulty conjuring up the various smells from memory.”
Since the concept of scented lingerie is new, said Marcolin “I want a woman’s introduction to Effleure to be uncomplicated.”
In selecting scents, Marcolin said, “The scents have to be desirable and stimulating to set the stage for an experience women (and their lovers) would never forget.
“The (initial) aromas complement each other well,” said Marcolin. “Dark Chocolate is seductive; Black Coconut is playful; French Vanilla is rich and feminine; and Lavender is soothing.
Marcolin said the four scents currently offered are not the final word for Effleure, which exclaims itself in promotion materials, “Be Your Own Aphrodisiac.”
“Going forward,” said Marcolin. “I have some warm, spicy scents in the pipeline as well as a flirty floral.”
As for how Marcolin chose the particular cuts for the brand launch, she said, “I worked with a pattern maker for the fit but I knew which styles I wanted for the launch.”
“The lace culotte is so luxurious with a fit that’s flattering on every woman…a rare combination,” said Marcolin. “The bikini is a more conservative but fashionable alternative and offers the most coverage; and the G-string is a staple to any collection.”
Additionally, Marcolin said, “My intention with the G-string was to make it so invisible that it could be worn under any luxurious pair of underwear for an added ‘scent-sual’ experience.”
Just as the scents will expand as the brand grows, Marcolin said there are other styles in the pipeline for Effleure including a bodysuit and an ouvert panty (“Just to crank it up a notch”).
For those women worried about the essential oils used to create the scene, Effleure on its list of FAQs explained the panties are “free of chemicals and known carcinogens, making them safe for your skin… Effleure underwear undergoes a lengthy infusion process, which means the essential oils will not leak onto your skin.”
And what kind of woman does Marcolin envision wearing Effleure?
“To me,” said Marcolin, “the Effleure woman is sophisticated, confident, playful and aware of her sensuality.”
“I hate to put an age on her because age is just a number, it doesn’t always reflect one’s desires and sensuality,” said Marcolin.
“Effleure is an indulgent purchase so it particularly appeals to a woman who is not shy about spending money on herself for a special treat, or for the benefit of a lover,” said Marcolin.
For information about Effleure, visit Effleure.co.


Model Jenna Talbot wears a culotte, bikini and G-string from Effleure.
Talbot appears courtesy of JC Models of Connecticut (@jcasablancasCT).