Express yourself


The arts are teen model Hannah Alexis’s realm.

Born and raised in New Orleans, Hannah said she had been exposed to art in all of its forms when she was young.

Among her skills is writing. But music is her greatest passion.

“I had the opportunity to perform at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival consecutively for four years, up until the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Hannah. “(I) also performed consecutively at the French Quarter Festival in New Orleans, as well.

To expand her arts universe, Hannah said, “(I currently attend) a performing arts school in New Orleans, where (I continue) to find new ways to express (myself).”

“Anything that evokes emotion and promotes freedom of expression is art,” Hannah said. “The only real limitations that can be put on art are the limitations you put on it yourself.”

“(I am) constantly striving to find new ways of expression and modeling is just one outlet to a myriad of opportunities for artistic expression,” said Hannah.

Hannah was a recent modeling winner at the Magnifique Showcase in Gulfport, Miss. organized by former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant Victoria Henley.

Hannah said, “I truly think that if we strive to be better than yesterday, that we will have the ability to open doors for ourselves tomorrow.”



Social media: @the.hannahalexis.


Photographer: @zeeamerphoto

Makeup: @the.hannahalexis

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