Weddings in a post-vaccine world: Still not pre-COVID normal


With a vaccine in place, engaged couples may have thoughts that they may be able to hold that COVID-19 delayed wedding celebration.

But what are some of the considerations they must take before firming up their plans to take the plunge in a post-COVID world?

In an article for, a website and service offered by bridal magazine The Knot, writer Tayler Cusick Hollman summed up some of the key points raised in a recent webinar for the bridal industry.

First of all, Hollman noted, regulations and restrictions for gatherings will vary from place to place. Before firming up a date and solidifying plans for the celebration, couples should be aware of what allowable in their area.

As for venues, Hollman explained enclosed and poorly ventilated spaces provide more opportunities for infection if a guest has not been vaccinated. So, outdoor venues are still a better choice for the time being. Social distancing still needs to be exercised. Face masks should continue to be part of the dress code, Hollman said.

Wedding professionals also are recommending that guest lists be small, Hollman noted. Of those guests, keep traveling to a minimum. This will help keep everyone safe.

Hollman also said health and safety practices that most people have gotten used to by now should be implemented for any weddings planned even with a vaccine in hand. As noted, masks and social distancing still must be part of any plans. Couples also should consider livestreaming their weddings to guests who cannot attend because of COVID concerns.

Planners also should be prepared for COVID-19 related questions from couples, said Hollman. Couples may want to know if staff  members have been vaccinated. They also will want to know cancellation policies for the plans and how many times they can reschedule  if the wedding reception must be postponed due to the virus.