Backstage Pass: Victoria Henley discovers some more Georgia gems


One tends to imagine rolling hills, cascading waterfalls and evening campfires when presented with the notion of a mountain vacation; however, if you are looking for unique and eclectic activities the entire family can enjoy, look no further than the north Georgia mountains.

After you’ve taken in the sight of the towering Amicalola Falls, the largest falls in Georgia, and tubed the legendary Chattahoochee River, you can race against the clock to rescue a missing professor and fly like a bird over the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains.

Let me show you vacation like a true pro by taking advantage of some of the most thrilling activities the area has to offer:


The Lost Room Escape Adventures, provides engaging and exciting 60 minute escape adventures that allow guests to become fully immersed in alternate worlds as they navigate challenges, uncover clues and solve puzzles in a fun, high energy atmosphere.

Created as a passion project by Thomas Dunagan, a self-proclaimed “Escape Room Enthusiast” with well over 100 completed escape rooms under his belt, “The Lost Room” is quickly taking the escape room industry by storm, with five star reviews and TripAdvisor ratings across the board, by escape room connoisseurs and novices alike.

The Lost Room (which is currently planning an expansion to include a “re-playable“ and physically intensive adventure) offers a fresh take on the escape room genre as all elements of the room – including set design, storylines, props, etc. – are completely original. Currently, The Lost Room offers two games from which players can choose:


“Grimm”: chained to a wall, you must free yourself and battle against time to escape a grizzly fate at the hands of the infamous serial killer Lazarus “The Smiley Face Slasher” Grimm before it’s too late. (Note: all games are family friendly, although this game contains thematic elements that may not be appropriate for some small children.)


“Master Key”: The illustrious professor Glenn has gone missing, along with his three golden keys he always kept close at hand. His assistant invites you and your fellow students to work together, solving clues found around his office, and connecting the dots to see if the professor’s expansive travels just might offer some information regarding his whereabouts. Step into three different worlds as you embark on an exciting journey to uncover “The Master Key.”


Phone: (706) 620-4121

Address: 8016 S. Main St. Unit 5, Helen, Ga.

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The Canopy Zipline Tour , operated by American Adventure Park systems (the industry leader of zipline with some of the longest, action packed, and most safety conscious tours in the world) allows visitors to “zip” over portions of the sprawling 829 acre park, which, in addition to housing its namesake waterfall, also marks the unofficial start of the Appalachian trail.

Experienced and personable tour guides (our guides, Doug and Madison, did an exemplary job) lead visitors down a variety of zip lines, ranging greatly in length and speed. Much like its sister “Screaming Eagle” attraction at Unicoi State Park, the Amicalola attraction offers three different levels:

Level 1: Which includes up to one hour of fun, perfectly timed and tailored for younger “zippers.

Level 2: Keep up the fun past level 1, with up to two hours of tours on 9 total zip lines, ranging in length from 75 to 1,000 feet.

Level 3: This, the most extreme, option, offer up to four hours of adrenaline pumping excitement, with an additional seven ziplines, picturesque views (you can even spot the iconic Atlanta skyline on a clear day), 250 foot suspensions and a 2,500 foot “grand finale” zip.

Zipline tours now include free photos of your adventure as well as options to book moonlight canopy tours and purchase gift cards for your adventure -loving friends and family.


Phone: (706)265-1233

Address: 418 Amicalola Falls Lodge Rd., Dawsonville, Ga.


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Victoria Henley is the host of Backstage Pass on FCB Radio and iHeart Radio. She also is a former contestant on “America’s Next Top Model.”