It’s never too late to bloom


Lisa Hopkins says she was late to the party when it comes to fashion. But she’s now making the most of her first few footsteps into the world.

Lisa, who is also known as Unique Blue Rose, is 54, but she just recently started modeling thanks to former “America’s Next Top Model” Victoria Henley. Now the she has “bloomed,” Lisa said she is working to help other women “bloom as well.

To that end, Lisa launched her own only boutique, Unique Blue Rose Boutique (

Lisa also is taking seriously the role of being a model role model for her two granddaughters (Joslynn and Abby) who are now modeling for Henley as well. “My desire for them is they can bloom early in life into their purpose,” said Lisa.

More of Lisa’s story is available on You Tube, “The Two Masks of Wonder Woman” (



All models wear clothing from Unique Blue Rose.

Photos by Lynn Henley in St. Augustine, Fla.

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