A little brotherly nudge


Fiona Polynice had the ambition. But it took her brother to kick it into gear.

Fiona, a recent winner at former “America’s Next Top Model” contest Victoria Henley’s Magnifique Showcase, said she wanted to be a model. But she never had a chance to put that desire into action.

“Last year my brother applied for me to get Into John Casablancas (Modeling Agency) and thank God I had an audition and I got in,” said Fiona. “I took acting and modeling classes with the agency and graduated in November and officially became a model and an actress.”

“After graduating, I’ve only done one job as an extra and my first fashion showcase with Magnifique. “I was so busy with the show, and it was a tiring day but it was worth it because it was one of the most exciting days of my life and I can’t wait to do it over again.”

“Now I’m one step closer of becoming a top model and an actress,” said Fiona.


Photo credits: @rhh_portraits

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