Opinion: Some perspectives on DC, Cabana in Miami

Special to CTFashionMag.com

DC Swim Week and the Cabana trade show, both in Miami Beach in July, were hassle, fun events to attend and photograph.

Here are some takeaways I had from both.

Access to backstage was granted to most of the photographers and filmmakers at DC. I was able to get some amazing interviews and photographs that were not possible at other shows. This benefited designers, the sponsors and the show itself.

The selection of the house live stream production team was problematic for DC. It may have cost the show a few representatives from media outlets.

Many photographers and models were upset they were not getting paid for the gigs. However, they also forgot the nature of the fashion business. Everyone must come together to create something not possible as individuals. If you cannot get a producer to pay you as photographer or makeup person, create your own content, sell that content to your sponsors like I do with VetVittles and Energy Drink Dino Luzzi, create content that is worth watching on YouTube and monetize your product. Producers, such as those behind DC, have a difficult task. Everyone wants a piece of you and only a few people are willing to help them to get things done.

I only had a chance to go to Cabana swim trade show on Monday– after all the major shows were done. There were only a few visitors in that huge space. I understand it must be about money and business rather than fun as is the case with the fashion shows. But by removing fun they lost the energy. It’s great that so many designers gave their money and participated in the Cabana Swim trade show. Those designer houses that had great looking models attracted my team’s attention and got some interviews. Others we just passed. Hopefully, they got some business out of Cabana but if the booth had a bigger draw then they would bring people in, which in turn would result in sales.

Heading into New York Fashion Week in September, I will take the experiences that I gained at Miami Swim Week and will implement changes to improve my production. I have upgraded my equipment. I also have added to my team. I’m looking forward to hitting up major shows like Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan and other significant designers.

I think the parts of the fashion week full feature film that I was able to film in Miami Swim week will be added to by new film shot in New York in September.

Miami Swim week made me want to do London and Paris and Milan fashion week as well as Brazil fashion week. We are already working on registrations and accommodations as well as registration for the red carpet ceremony at the Oscars for the coming January. We certainly are going to the Oscars. For details, visit www.youtube.com/FashionAndmodeling/ and at @alexanderEGurman and www.facebook.com/GreatFashionModel/