Celebrating the seasons with Elizabeth Cordelia at NYFW


Nicole Reichenbach, the designer behind the children’s brand Elizabeth Cordelia Designs, had a busy September at New York Fashion Week.

She showed her line first at hiTech MODA at the Edison Hotel near Times Square on the morning of Sept. 11. Then that afternoon, she showed her line again at Society Fashion Week at the Angel Orensanz Center in the lower East Side of Manhattan.

Reichenbach said her line was inspired by the four seasons.

“Most of my designs have floral prints and leaves to accent a season,” said Reichenbach.

Additionally, she said, “I used pastels like pink, light baby blue and light yellow, with gold accents.”

Like most people in the creative fields, Reichenbach said COVID-19 had its impact on her work. “COVID gave me more time to design, at least, with being home more than usual and extending time between fashion shows.”

COVID also meant that Reichenbach missed a couple of seasons of New York Fashion Week because either shows were canceled or went virtual due to the pandemic.

“I’d say about half of the designs were from the patient models who have waited over a year to walk in my designs,” said Reichenbach. “I’m so grateful to my models and their moms for all their patience and kindness as we all navigate this season’s show together.”

Elizabeth Cordelia is geared to children, tweens and teens.

Reichenbach has two daughters, Kat, who is a high school senior, and Ilyana, a seventh grader. Both, she said, offer their input on her work.

“My girls definitely give me advice if I’m stuck on a design, especially if it’s one of the designs that they are wearing,” said Reichenbach. “They are very honest with me and help me if I need their opinion.”

As for where she sees girls wearing her work, Reichenbach said, “I could see these designs being worn at parties, social events like prom or a premier, and of course for photo shoots

Reichenbach, who has a degree in fashion, said she initially entered the field of design after being inspired by her brother, who she described as “extremely creative.”

“After my daughters started to walk in runway shows I came to find that I could create for children and include them in the process,” said Reichenbach. “I realized how fun and rewarding it is to really see my designs come to life and end up on the runway not only in New York but also abroad, many magazines both nationally and internationally, and now this year on two billboards in Times Square.”

“I’m very blessed to be able to create and design as a living and work with my daughters and other amazing models I meet and get to know,” said Reichenbach. “The models and their moms become family, too, after using mostly the same models in shows and in photo shoots, which just makes it more fun for me and my girls.”

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Elizabeth Cordelia Designs at hiTech MODA

Elizabeth Cordelia at Society Fashion Week

Some of the models who walked for Elizabeth Cordelia at Society Fashion Week.