A queen in her castle


If you’re a queen, you’re going to seek out your castle.

And that’s what model Lauren Crawford did during Ohio Fashion Week as she stepped away from a black tie event organized by former “America’s Next Top Model” Victoria Henley to pose at Squire’s Castle in Ohio.

A pageant queen, Lauren– like many of her peers in the beauty competition world — has selected a cause to stand behind as she represents her crown and sash. In Lauren’s case, she is tackling the issue of food insecurity in a campaign she dubs Food to Unite. She works with teens in organizing food drives and donation events.

Pageantry offers Lauren an opportunity to put her speaking skills to the test, encouraging others to join her in her charitable endeavors.

Lauren’s career goals also will put her speaking skills to work. She wants to attend Stanford University Law School to become a health care attorney.


Photographer: Lynn Henley Photography

Location:  Squire’s Castle, Willoughby Hills, Ohio

Pink Gown: Tiffany Designs
Blue Dress: Dave & Johnny
Earrings: Stefanie Somers

Shoes: Diverse Style by Sydni Dion