WE11DONE offers a ‘Spring Celebration’ for its latest collection

The WE11DONE Spring Summer 2022 collection, dubbed “Spring Celebration,” was presented to the public recently.

Press materials from the brand explained the new collection “is a dynamic sequel to the exploration of sartorial oddities introduced last season.”

The press materials add, “Honouring the distinctively high-spirited aspect of our identities, it acts as a representation of the light at the end of the tunnel, effectively lifting the accumulated pressure off to focus. Following a series of interrogations regarding the significance of identities, the collection is our response to the status quo. It is a seductive and energetic of hide and seek, with oneself, with the world.”

The brand said the new collection offers “Masculine and feminine stylistic ideals in conversation. It is the beginning of a contemporary collective dialogue between the notions of conflicted past, uncanny present, and optimistic future. Freedom of thoughts and ideas lead our creative process. Oversize tailoring exalting rigor and sharpness set the tone, resolutely youthful and endearing. It is an assortment of shapes, textures, and colors that exemplify the dichotomy of casual versus sophisticated.”