The time is always right in Times Square

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I recently was able to catch a fashion show for the Mdjina show collections @RoseHeadpiece and @CestjoieCouture.

For fashion, Time Squire wins by a mile since it is such an iconic spot that is recognized the world over. More importantly, the location is free for everyone, whether your taking photographs or putting on a fashion show.

The police, for the show that I should, actually helped the designer rather than prevent her from putting on the show.

I have done fashion shows all over the town — in parks, streets, event places, etc. Everywhere permits and paperwork were required. This didn’t seem to be the case at Times Square.

At any given moment, day and night, if you go there, you will be able to meet 10 to 100 photographers who are willing take pictures for you– free of charge or for money.

The number of people with professional cameras and people who actually know what they do with that equipment is phenomenal.

You can see world renowned photographers and famous models coming to look at their work on billboards. And you will not even recognize those folks as they look like any other normal person.

Any picture and video done at Times Square gets the loving touch from search engine– as long as metadata pinpoints location– people give it more likes and views. As a tourist attraction, as a fashion location that is recognized around the world, it is a great spot to do a fashion show with many gorgeous backgrounds and elevated positions—plus you have folks in cartoon costumes and naked cowboys.

The infrastructure of Times Square also makes it great for fashion. It’s close to subway stations, bus terminals, many Broadway shows and hotels—so you’ll have access to bathrooms and plenty of places to buy food and any necessity that production may need at the last minute.

You also have the ability to have so many folks in the background– free of charge– and all those lights from billboards create magic that elevates any production done at that place.

Times Square is a great place to do a proposal, it can go viral as some proposals that I have filmed at time square.

I think from now on I will be coming more often to Times Square to produce content. Till now, Central Park’s Bethesda Terrace was my favorite spot.

For more information on my next production day for the fashion show and interviews, please reach out at Instagram at alexanderegurman. Dec. 26 is our next film day.


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