Creativity provided the distraction she needed


Creativity was the respite from a labor of love that Marie Grady needed.

Marie, the owner of LyriQall Innovations, is a fashion designer, painter, singer, author and spoken word performer.

“This journey began six years ago while I was caring for my paraplegic mom,” said Marie, a recent winner at Magnifique Showcase, which is organized by former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant Victoria Henley. “As an answer to extended prayers, God gave the vision of painting to help me mentally survive my circumstances. This expanded to encompass clothing and apparel and anything else I can create with my hands and a very vivid imagination.  Since then, the sky has been the limit.”

Marie has released two albums as LyriQ. One is dubbed “Sole to Soul.” The second, released in January 2017, is called “BARE.”

Marie, who is a global career development facilitator at a middle school and is a mental health counselor specializing in substance abuse, has released three self-published books of poetry: “My Piece Be with You“, “Eye of Thee…Behold Her” and “Indelible: Scriptures from a Poetic Soul.” She also wrote a romance novel, “Tomorrow Promises…”

Marie’s artwork also has been featured in assorted galleries.

Although LyriQall Innovations is 20 years old, Marie—who also goes by the name LyriQ in the entertainment world—still considers herself a newbie when it comes to her creativity. To that end, she said she tries to reinvent herself every day so that she might get that much better at her art.

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