For all the disco dollies out there

Bring out your Donna Summer and Village People records and get disco glammed.

That was the concept of this fashion editorial from the NAB creative team of Bill Schrlau (photographer and hairstylist) and clothing upcycle fashion designer Victoria Audibert (

“The influence of disco glam and the ability to change from one fantasy look to another can be seen in the 80s Barbie doll wrapped and packaged look with the texture dress and roller skates,” said Schrlau. “The gold dual fabric dress is set to shimmer in the light. The looks were finished with the recycled denim (to give it a) Western cowgirl look. The hair influence was all about embracing the frizz texture of the ‘70’s.”

“To get the texture the hair team started with an elastic thread set, zig zag wrapping sections of the hair around the elastic thread and tying off the ends to heat under a dryer for 20 minutes (and letting it) cool for 5 minutes. “As we let the hair out of the sections we broke the texture up with our hands and teased to get the structured frizz shape.”

As for the makeup, Scharlau said, “We focused on embellished eyes and a fluffy brow.”

For the images, Schrlau said, “We used colored gels to light the backdrop to create more shimmer and give a dreamy tone while using a large sheet of cellophane to give the packaged doll effect.”

Photographer and lead hairstylist: Bill Schrlau (@schrlau)

Hair assistant: Cicily Telesco (@sisscissorz)

Hair assistant: Sophia Modica (@sophiamodicaa)

Makeup: Kaitlyn Bogue  (@kateboguemakeup)

Styling: Victoria Audibert (@victoria_audibert)

Model: Adele Johnson (@addie_modeljc)

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